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Dedicated to helping locums find a perfect job and agencies to fill posts as soon as possible.

A Perfect Job

We are a fast-growing, global placement platform built to connect medical professionals with recruitment agencies. Our aim is to help locums and other healthcare professionals quickly find and fill vacancies, thereby reducing staff shortages and increasing patient flow.            

The site was born after its founders spent years witnessing at first hand the problems the medical sector had in locating people with the right skills, often at short notice. It was clear the system needed streamlining. A Perfect Job helps both locums looking for work and agencies tasked with finding exactly the right staff for hospitals, GP surgeries and dental practices.

Ours is a global platform, serving the needs of multiple agencies in countries around the world. Applicants can search for up to three jobs at a time, giving them more freedom and choice. Both parties are kept informed the whole time so that strong links can be built and mutual trust established.

We value locums and agencies equally, but our primary concern is the global healthcare industry itself. We exist to find the specific staff they need as soon as they need them, providing world-class medical care and reducing treatment waiting lists worldwide.

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Benefits for locums

  • Minimise, almost eliminate the risk of ever being out of work
  • Find a job that fits your needs in as many fields as possible
  • Browse the labour market at any time to see what positions are available

Benefits for agencies

  • Fill more posts, quicker
  • Gain access to the right staff
  • Stop wasting time on the phone, phoning locums who don’t want to move

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