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A Second Lockdown

A Second Lockdown

A Second Lockdown has just been announced and already the Hospitals are worried about being overrun by patients.

Severe problems due to staff shortage can again be seen comming up. Multiple temporary posts are going to have to be filled. From extremely short term to long term posts as this sudden unforseen staff shortage again happens.

A PERFECT JOB has applied for goverment funding to upgrade even further. Adding a new platform that will assist the front-line workers of the NHS. Making sure it is always full and the service is as good as possible.

Possible opening of Nightingale Hospitals has been mentioned where thousands of Medical and Paramedical staff is going to be needed. Basically to start working within a couple of days to support the Hospitals.

The absolute best way to assist is to make sure all Agencies know you are available so that posts can be filled and not left standing there. It is in times like these that Locum Doctors and Medical Professionals are really needed.

We believe in you and believe by using this platform, placement will be quick and we can do something from our side, to assist the NHS and save lives.


The A PERFECT JOB team. 

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